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I’m not hiding that the deputy commander of the organization guarding order in the exiled district immediately caught my eye. A little bit because I have a great weakness for uniformed, and a little bit because I immediately noticed that he and Sachsen were shown on the principle of good and bad clay. While the latter is the epitome of cruelty, fleas and even fetishistic passion for violence, the other happens to have human reflexes, is forgiving and can think rationally. When we land in prison after opposing gay lover and get the dubious pleasure of becoming his training bag, we decide to order a hunger strike and quickly fall into the lethargy, not counting the nights and days that elapse. With help, Ines comes to us, claiming that in total it is meaningless and in fact it is the desire to survive can be the ultimate form of rebellion that we can afford. It serves us a good word and after a while he releases into freedom, and then appears in our lives always, whenever we get into trouble, just like Tuxedo from “Sorceress from the Moon”, only in a red cape – and it’s fittingly gay.

We return to Rielith and Merlota, but we are not given long to enjoy freedom in the family law. For this is the beloved woman, who is not in taste, that the couple is prostitution, so she decides to kill her son and her by the way. However, we manage to capture the scoundrel and give away the affectionate care of gay boys. We also decide to live in the house of murdered unfortunate and somehow organize ourselves reality, hoping to learn your innocence and return to Heights. On our way again becomes Ines, who decides to start taking lessons in knowledge of society with us, in return teaching us cooking and preparing at the same time to return to the heights. And it is a very promising introduction, but unfortunately also the most important story from gay game men.

It’s essentially a really well presented visual novel and an adult game. You’ll be playing as a protagonist that leads fairly ordinary life, untile he gets to know some of the hottest men in the town, proposing them a quite unusual job: to shoot photos of them in sexy poses. That’s basically a whole premise of Men Bang, a game that features real life actors (or performers if you prefer calling them like that).

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However, there is one thread that I liked amazingly in this story. It’s about Thei’s story, which was the hounds commander by Sachsen. A woman older than our boys, having a strong character, a sober assessment of the situation, a good heart and an amazing sense of humor. No wonder Sachs looked at her with admiration and quite ineptly smaliwki uppers to her – it was in the end she probably made her taste in women older than the eighteen-year-old just a protagonist (and unlike Inesa did not shy away from the flesh the inew). Theia is a simple and uncomplicated character, but very well led, and if I won in Totka, I would spend everything on making dlc creators with her and the less gay in the lead role.

After playing the threads of Eltcreed and Ulrik with baked goods on my face, I was expecting a story that will take place in the Sanctuary district. And unfortunately, the middle failed its untapped potential. Theoretically, each of the elements of history is good, but treated superficially and after the machete. A mysterious cure given out to poverty, abuse of criminals from Heights, extremely brutal training of new members of the bestial organization or the thread of Merlot and Rielith – everything could be presented better and evoked much more in the player intense emotions. It also does not help the creation of Ines himself, which works great as a good clay, but completely unsuitable for a romantic thread. The creators from time to time surprise the player with a really cool idea, which immediately buries deep underground. There are even more best hentai games on hentaicool.

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And not only that – hentai games are really hot, and you can find them on various portals as they’re typically not that big titles. Except maybe “No, thank you”

For example, HOUNDS members are forcibly recruited from police officers from Heights, whose assigned partners commit crimes to the service. In this way, Fin is brought to the Sanctuary, who undergoes extremely brutal training as a member of a mysterious organization. Meanwhile, Ines wants to return to Heights to clear the good name of his own partner, through whom he himself has been expelled from them in the past. However, in order to receive permission from, he must play his cruel game and has many lives on his conscience. Both of these threads seem to create great foundations for the depiction of the mental experiences of the associated characters. Unfortunately, Fina meets again only after the final stage, and Ines himself seems to be unmoved like a boulder playing with his participation bestiality. After all, it’s so easy to go indifferently to killing an innocent man if we do it for our own interests, right?

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